The St. Mary’s Kiwanis Club was chartered and incorporated in 1956.  The local Kiwanis Club consists of approximately 50 men and women committed to serving their community. It does not endorse political parties or persons and does not assess its members.  Kiwanis is an international service club.  Membership is composed of people in a wide variety of occupations who as a group work together can achieve what individuals cannot do alone.                                                                            

Kiwanis Club of St. Marys

St. Marys Kiwanis Honors

we are proud of

Distinguished Club………………………………….…  2002 & 2003

Distinguished Club Presidents

Joe Cattarin             1966               Phil Young          1973  

Terry Finke             1981                Marv Ruppert    1985  

Sonnie Dershaw      2002               Mark Dominik   2003


Ohio District Distinguished Club  (Started 2007)

   Gold     Victor Von Blon                 2007


Distinguished Club Secretary

   Larry Shelby            2002 & 2003


Club Officers Merit Award

   Kurt Kuffner, President                1989

   Doug Moran, Secretary                 1989

   Jim Elking, President                     1990

   Doug Moran, Secretary                 1990

   Doug Moran, President                 1993


Outstanding Leadership Award

   Jim Nuhfer, President                   1999


Achievement Award

   Honorable Mention: Stan Davis, President         1978

   Third Place: Sonnie Dershaw                               2002

   Fourth Place: William Fitzgerald, President      2005


Past International President’s Award

   Stan Davis                                     2011


Outstanding Club Project

   Connelly Medal to Matt Axe

   Murry Fitzgerald, President                       1995

   Diamond Growth Award                               

   Darwin Zeigler, President                            1992



 Second Place            Dennis Cisco                    1998, 2007  

Honorable Mention  Dennis Cisco                    2001, 2005, 2006


New Club Building

Coldwater                              1969           

Wapakoneta                          2002                        

Auglaize Co. Aktion Club      2007


Lt. Governor

   James Scott              1963                Ralph Selby         1997

   Jack Kuffner           1970                Brice Smith (dist.)    1999

   Larry Shelby            1980                John Moul           2009

   Richard Ballenger   1986             


Hixson Fellowship Award

   Jack Kuffner           1998           Richard Ballenger   1999

   Larry Shelby            1999           Brice Smith   2000


Past Presidents Award

   Doug Moran            2002               Mark Dominik   2007


Ten Member Sponsors

   Larry Shelby              51                  Jim Nuhfer         31

   George Neargarder   20                 Joe Cattarin        14


Legion of Honor Members

   Art Brubaker, James Scott, Jack Kuffner, Joe Cattarin,

   Victor VonBlon, George Neargarder, Tom Smith,

   Richard Ballenger, Larry Shelby, Stan Davis, John Moul,

   Terry Finke, Don Hauenstein, Jim Elking, Jim Nuhfer,

   Bill Salter


When it Happened “The First 50 Years 1956-2006”

1956 Charter Date

1956 July 17th, Charter Night Banquet (26 Members)

1956 Collected Tax Stamps for Needy Groups

1956 Sponsored Picture Show received 35% titled “ODONGO” to sponsor Little League Team

1956 Painted Vote November 6 on City Sidewalks

1956 Collected and Distributed Toys for Christmas. Joined Good Fellows 1962

1956 First Ladies Night was a Dinner Dance

1957 Kiwanis Braves

1957 Gum Ball Machines installed

1957 Purchased PA System and Record Player for Swimming Pool $272.95

1957 Sold SMACKO Tickets

1957 Scholarship Recognition Banquet – First in the US

1957 Rose Day Sales (Profit $492.57) 322 Dozen sold

1957 Kiwanis-Rotary Gold Outing

1958 Travel and Adventure series (ended 1991) borrowed money in 1960 to continue.

1958 Father and Son Night

1958 Pancake Day. (1967 Ed Splatter the Batter Stepleton) December 6, 1958.

1958 Club Bulletin Started January 1, 1958

1958 Youth Center Project

1958 Kiwanis Braves won City Championship

1958 “Hire Now” Campaign

1958 Supported Vocational Education Class for many years

1959 Prayer Tents Placed in Hotels and Restaurants

1959 COLORAMA Card Party

1959 Distributed Driver Safety Pamphlets

1959 New Teacher Banquet and Recognition “Apple for the Teacher”

1960 Auction Fund Raiser

1960 Road Signs Installed

1960 Key Club. School Administration allows No Clubs of this kind in St. Marys

1961 Float in Chamber Christmas Party (Stopped 1966)

1961 Ford Punt, Pass and Kick. (1979 Ford Stopped. Kiwanis continued Locally. (Stopped ???)

1961 Sponsored Slow Pitch Softball Team

1962 Couples Club Dance Coat Room and Concessions Fund Raiser

1962 KOCH’S Moved

1962 Combined Meeting with Kiwanis and Soroptomist

1962 Good Fellow Christmas Wrap (Odd Fellows then) Kiwanis by themselves from 1956

1962 Served Lunches at two auctions. Made $200

1962 Lawn Mower Safety Program

1964 Honored Retiring Police Chief Gilbert Gurstner March 10, 1964

1964 Initiated the practice of having a local lady provide piano music during the meal

1964 Distributed church information to local businesses.

1964 Kiwanis Division 2 Picnic. IDLEWILD

1965 Inter Club to Sarnia, Canada

1965 School Safety Patrol Fund

1966 Junior Achievement

1966 10th Anniversary, June 7, 1966

1966 Audubon Bird Count at Lake St. Marys

1967 Father Daughter Night – Annual Event

1967 Collected Eye Glasses for International Project

1968 Safety Flares Sales

1968 First Peanut Sale

1968 Donated to construct Basketball Courts at Swimming Pool

1968 Distributed Bicycle Safety Booklet

1969 Sponsored Coldwater Kiwanis Club

1969 Auglaize School Children Picnic

1969 Kiwanis Park Beech Street. $1,500 for Playground Equipment plus Installed

1969 Sponsored Young Child from India

1969 Purchased Material for High School Guidance Department and Display Case

1969 Supported National “Sing Out” Group

1969 Purchased Heifer at Auglaize County Fair

1969 Sponsored Student to Presidential Classroom in Washington D.C.

1969 September 2, Mayor of City was Presented Playground Equipment at Kiwanis Park.

1970 Operation “Drug Alert” by Ronda Shelby

1970 Offered Dale Carnegie Course

1970 Took Sons to Hockey Game in Dayton

1970 Advertised List of Young People wanting Summer Jobs

1970 Supply Kiwanis Magazine to Library and Hospital

1970 October 8, Constructed 15x20 Shelter House at Kiwanis Park

1970 June 9, Kiwanis Park Dedication. Held Picnic for Children and Parents located near Kiwanis Park

1971 Built a backstop and fence on one side of Kiwanis Park. $750

1971 Sponsored Air Force Band as Fund Raiser for United Way

1971 May, Student for Hire Advertisement

19?? Red Cross Swimming Instructor Training

1972 Candy Suckers to Emergency Room JTDMH for Children

1972 Girl Scout Troop #604 Sponsor. Cooked Meal 4-11-1975

1972 Distributed “You and the Law, Deciding About Drugs and What if they call me Chicken” to 8th Grade

1972 Ordered Pipe for Kiwanis Park Basketball Pole

1972 Elementary Track Meet

1972 Swim Team Ribbons and 1965 Event

19?? HOBY

1973 Miami-Erie Canal Development

1972 Boat Race Food Stand

1972 May, Started Building Canal Boat Float for Sesquicentennial Parade

1972 Ken Davis, U.S Olympic Basketball Team Member gave Program for Father Son Banquet

1972 North Front Street Kiwanis Kuck’s Cove Park 3.46 Acres

1974 $750 to city to purchase Playground Equipment

1974 Purchased Blue and Gold Jerseys for Youth Program

1974 Started Delivering Enterprise News Paper. Hired Clayton Cornel and Students

1975 Christmas Card sent to Valley Nursing Home Patients

1975 Good, Flag and Country FOE speech contest winners

1975 Reds Baseball Game

1975 Cook for Hospital Picnic

1975 Honored Dr. Dale Kile, 2-18-1975 (19 years Perfect Attendance)

1976 Moved from Koch’s Restaurant

1976 Kiwanis vs. Jaycee’s TUG(TON) of WAR Contest

1976 Bicentennial Parade Canal Boat Float

1976 July 20, Started meeting at Northmoor

1976 Sold Peanuts

1976 Helped Junior Rifle Club

1976 Lunch Stand at Walk with Nature

1976 Donated $500 to Youth Center, $200 to Day Care Center, $500 to Kiwanis Park for Playground  Equipment, $500 St. Marys Community Foundation matching Gift.

1976 20th Anniversary July 13, 1976

1976 Pass Shoot Dribble Contest

1978 July voted to go back to KOCH’S. Orchard Tree finished second in the voting

1978 Cooked for SM Township Fireman’s Jamboree

1978 Helped put in New Football Field

1978 Heritage Days 3 Day Lunch Stand

1978 Home Safety Checklist to School Children

1978 rchased Home Security Check List for Police for their presentations

1979 Kiwanis-Rotary Golf or Tennis Challenge

1979 Delivered Enterprise Newspaper. Discontinued September 1979 because of nonpayment

1979 Conscience Jar Started

1979 Helped WOF&G pour concrete shooting platform

1979 Ford Stopped Sponsoring PP&K. Kiwanis continued until ?

1979 Poster Contest for Pancake Day

1979 Install Day Care Center fence at St. Pauls Church

1980 Burger King Pitch, Hit and Run

1980 Installed New Roof at Kiwanis Park (cost $111.00)

1980 Steak for Winners and Beans for Losers Membership Contest

1980 Installed New Basketball Backboard at Bunker Hill School

1980 $200 Donated to “Become a Friend of the Library” program

1980 Won 3rd place in the Loyalty Day Parade with Canal Boat

1980 Sponsored New Brownie Troop

1980 Midget Football Donation

1980 Served at Hospital Picnic

1981 Air Freshener Sales

1981 Pass, Shoot and Dribble (Stopped ????)

1981 Playground & Equipment repaired at St. Marys Day Care

1981 25th Anniversary, June 16, 1981

1981 Purchased 50 tickets for Kiwanis sponsored Sea World Handicapped Children Day

1981 May, Honored retiring Superintendent of Schools Frank Dennings

1983 Took over “Walk with Nature”

1985 Vial of Live

1985 Chacter Education (Marv R.)

1988 First Woman Joined Club

1988 Daisy Scout for Kindergarten Girls formed. Kiwanis sponsored, Bunker Hill School.

1988 Motorized Tricycle for Handicap Woman

1988 Started working “Best of the Wurst” Food Stand. Summerfest

1988 Donated $750 for Light Bar in MHS Auditorium

198? Dune Buggy Float in Parade

1992 Red Kuck donated Kuck’s Cove Land for Kiwanis Park

1992 13 New Members inducted into Kiwanis. Contest between Officers and Club for a “Steak or Bologna” contest. Officers 5, members 8. Officers ate Bologna and the Club ate Steak.

1994 Connelly Medal to Matt Axe

1995 Shots for Tots

1996 40th Anniversary, June 4, 1996

1997 Kiwanis Peanut Days at Summerfest

1998 Started Golf Outing

1998 Gold Team Wins Kiwanis Sweatshirt for Best Attendance

1998 Worked Kings Island

1998 IDD Hixson awards planned to honor past living Lt. Governors

1999 Left Orchard Tree Restaurant (Orchard Tree Closed)

1999 Honored Past Presidents on Presidents Day

2000 Left Magg’s EZ Restaurant, went to Matt’s Restaurant

2000 Started Kiwanis/Campbell “Power of the Pen”

2001 Sponsored Girls Softball

2001 Started Meeting at Matt’s Restaurant

2002 Started Wapakoneta Kiwanis Club

2002 Matt’s Restaurant (Old Koch's) Burned down May 4, 2002

2002 Started meetings at Eagles Lodge August 6, 2002

2002 Distinguished Club, President, Secretary Awards received, First Time all three

2003 Bowling Team

2003 Memorial School - Perfect Attendance Ribbons Started

2003 Distinguished Club, President, Secretary Awards

2004 Community Pride Picnic at Kiwanis Park

2005 Kiwanis Community Pride Contest started in 4th Ward

2005 Summer Bible School at two Kiwanis Parks

2005 Summer Wiffle Ball at Kiwanis Parks

2005 Started Kindergarten “Terrific Kids” Kits.

2006 Started - Website January 20, 2006

2007 Started Aktion Club - Spring 2007